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Medical School Students

Through lectures, demonstrations, discussions, research and clinical practice, students from the LSUHSC School of Medicine and from other medical schools around the globe have numerous opportunities to gain knowledge and experience in ophthalmology.

Medical Student Summer Research Program. 


Medical students having completed their first year of training are eligible to work on a summer research project during the 8 weeks between their first and second year.  This program is designed for both students who have had research experience and those who have not.  Students can choose any LSUHSC-NO faculty member with an active research program in Ophthalmology as their Mentor. For more information, contact  Dr. Donna M. Neumann.


Comprehensive Third-Year Medical Student Course

All LSUHSC third-year medical students participate in one of the most comprehensive introductory eye care courses in the country.   All doctors must have a basic knowledge of the eye and eye examinations. This intensive two-week program helps these doctors-in-training to become better doctors no matter what career path or specialty they choose.   Instruction includes lectures, reading and audiovisual assignments, discussion, workshops, observations, and demonstrations.


Students in small groups receive practical and personalized training in examination procedures and the use of ophthalmic instruments.   Actual examination experience provides exposure to indicators of minor and major ophthalmic diseases, as well as significant ophthalmic findings associated with many disorders. The students learn ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment techniques required of a general physician including history taking, diagnosis, and treatment of the visual system.


Optional activities include Advanced Eye Exam Workshops, community office or clinic visits, and surgery observation.


Students complete the program with the knowledge they will need to treat their patients, as well as when it is necessary to refer a patient to an ophthalmic specialist.

Third and Fourth Year Student Electives

Third and fourth year students can select from a variety of clinical and research electives to further enhance their knowledge and interest in ophthalmology.   These research and clinical courses provide extensive exposure to the clinical practice of ophthalmology and to the basic scientific knowledge on which it rests.

The Department of Ophthalmology accepts a limited number of medical school students per LSU SOM calendar block. Priority is given to LSU students. Students from other medical schools will be accommodated if space permits after all interested LSU students have been scheduled.

Clinical electives

Students may participate in clinical activities with a senior resident or faculty member to gain further insights into patient management, disease treatment, and surgery.  Areas of study include clerkships in comprehensive ophthalmology, neuro-ophthalmology, retina, pediatric ophthalmology, cornea, and refractive surgery.

Visiting Students

Fourth-year medical students from other LCME-accredited colleges and universities may be eligible to participate in one 4-week rotation.  Visiting students rotate with residents through the ophthalmology services in the region.  Visiting students receive credit from their school and evaluations are based on the crediting school's standards.

Applications must be received by Student Affairs at least 45 days in advance of requested start date and will be scheduled if space permits after LSU student schedules are finalized.  LSU does not accept students from non-LCME-accredited schools.

For more information, please contact Student Affairs or call (504) 568-4874.